Why Do Yu?

Designed for Aikidoka by Aikidoka. 

Since 2011, we had been specializing in aikido gi, hakama, pants and training weapons and accessories exclusively for Aikidoka.  We provide aikido practitioners and dojos spectrum of merchandise from entry to high end, Sensei level uniforms and training weapons.  Everything we sell are specifically designed for Aikidoka with research, development and feedback came straight from Aikidoka, not made for judo students or tweaked kendoka's equipment and hakama with extensions.

Designed and made for durability, breath-ability, fits and comfort in highest quality materials and workmanship.  Allowing all levels of aikido practitioners to concentrate on training with confidence and comfort without any sacrifices. In traditional dogi and training weapons that are meant to be worn and used by Aikidoka. 

We believe aikido keikogi and gears doesn't have to cost more because it has to be expensive. Our prices are for dojo, wholesale and individual price and we have priced it so, that current industries should follow, as more people can learn 道 (the way) of aikido. We will guarantee you that every each of our product's quality will surpass or meet anybody that sell aikido products at any price point. 

Thank you for giving us opportunity to serve you Aikido-ka.

Doyuglobal.com Staff.